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October 2019 | Art & the Brain

Students often tell us that coming to the Creative Arts Center is an essential part of their “therapy”. While CAC doesn’t practice true arts therapy (those are highly trained mental health professionals who employ the arts in their practice) what we do here is often “therapeutic” for our students. For me, integrating the arts in my own wellness and mindfulness practice is essential whether it’s losing myself in a jazz concert, viewing a piece of artwork that challenges me to look at the world differently or participating in a new discipline at CAC which allows me to build my creative confidence.

The medical establishment has discovered the arts to be integral to health, healing and well-being. More and more evidence-based research is being published to demonstrate its value to various groups. There is even a new national organization to which CAC belongs called NOAH – the National Organization for Arts in Health - which for the last three years has organized a national conference. Integrating the arts into the medical and health professions is the next frontier for healthcare and we are excited to support it.

That’s why I was so excited to hear about the new Nasher Art & Health Series (free to members and students) presented in partnership with Baylor University Medical Center, the Center for Brain Health at UTD, the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at UTD and the UT Southwestern Medical Center. The fall lecture series will focus on how artists have creatively responded to mental and physical health challenges through their work. Each lecture will feature a panel discussion and dialogue between arts professionals and those in the field of the medicine:

October 16 Art of the Brain

October 30 Reaching New Heights: Overcoming Physical Limitations

November 6 The Power of Art: Creating through Disorders of the Mind

November 13 Seeing with the Brain: Artists & Visual Impairments

For more information on the series and to register, visit the Nasher.

-Diana Pollak

Director of the Creative Arts Center of Dallas

John Logan