Creative Arts Center of Dallas


July 2019 | Creating Camp Metalhead

I am a graduate intern, from the University of New Orleans, working at the Creative Arts Center for the summer. The main project I have been working on is arranging the annual Camp MetalHead program for underserved youth in the area. The camp is every Friday from 10am - 3pm, starting June 21 - August 2. Once I arrived at the center, I had to become familiar with the camp, obtain in-kind donations, organize applicants, and wrap my head around the fact that teens have the opportunity to learn skills in welding and jewelry. Not only do they have the opportunity to take advantage of this training, but they will also participate in a field trip to the Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development. While there, they will get to experience first hand what their exciting skills training can be executed for in the future. I have noticed that the instructors work well with the teens and guide them through their mistakes and praise their achievements. I have been documenting each day by taking pictures of campers during their creative process and obtaining photos of them holding their finished pieces. I personally think Camp MetalHead is effective because as I looked over rosters from previous years and compared them to the current roster, most campers have continued to return. This project has been an adventure worth returning to New Orleans and telling.

- Casey Ancar
Summer Graduate Intern 2019

John Logan